Background Information:
Date of Birth:
November 11th, 1744 Date of Death: October 28th, 1818
Hometown: Born in Massachusetts
Education: Wasn't given a proper education but was educated by her mother, along with her siblings.
Family: William Smith (Father) Elizabeth Smith (Mother) Mary and Elizabeth Smith (Sisters) John Adams (Husband)
Childhood Life: Abigail spent most of her childhood being taught with her two sisters Mary and Elizabeth by her mother. Her mother taught her reading, writing and about women's rights and the government. Shortly after Abigail became very idealistic about women's rights. Being taught so much as a child Abigail became one of the most educated first ladies.

How did this person influence American history?
Political: Abigail had married John Adams, who was the first minister of Great Britain for some time, and also the second president of the United States from 1789-1797. During the Constitutional Convention came up with a famous quote "I desire you would remember the ladies, and be more generous and favourable to them than your ancestors. Do not put such unlimited power into the hands if the husband." Abigail said this quote on account of her strong belief that women should have more rights and be equal to men.

Abigail believed strongly in women's rights and that women should be given the same rights as men. Also she felt that slavery was not evil, but a threat to American democracy and to her was considered an experiment. As the first lady and also considered a political advisor to John Adams, Abigail had a big say in what she felt was right and what changes to help her husband make. She had a big influence on her husband career. She went with him on his journeys in Europe. She even gave him advice by writing to him when she was not with him. She took care of her family and wrote many letters. Many of her letters have been published. Her grandson, Charles Francis Adams, published most of her letters she wrote from 1841 to 1876.

Supporters and Friends:
As the president and the first lady both John and Abigail Adams didn't have many friends, but co-workers in goverment. Also due to being the first lady her and her husband had traveled alot so keeping close friends was hard. Family was considered friends to the Adams, and keeping family close was one of the most important beliefs to the Adams family.

Critics and Enemies:
In the eyes of Abigail Adams people who were supportive of slavery and were against women's rights were considered enemies to her. Abigail tried her hardest to try and push people in the direction of womens right and trying to stop slavery.

Fun Facts:
Abigail wrote latters to her husband when she wasn't with him. These letters were eventually pusblished by her grandson Charles Adams. These letters are published all over the world for many people to see. Also another fun fact is that Abigail Adams was the second first lady to live in the white house with her husband John Adams.

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