Background Information
Date of birth- March 15th, 1767
Date of death- June 8th, 1845
Hometown- Waxhaw Settlement, South Carolina.
Education- None.
Family- Married Rachel Donelson Roberts when he was 24. acted as guardian for 10 children.
Political Information
Years in office- 2 terms- 8 years(1829-1837)
Political Party- Democratic Republican.
Elected from- tennessee.
Vice President- 1829- John C. Calhoun, 1836- Martin van Buren.
Key Domestic Issues
1835- He reduced Federal debt. Encouraged the growth of the spoil system. He succeeded in abolishing the National Bank in 1833. Indian Removal act(Trail Of Tears)
Key Foreign Issues
1818- Jackson invades Spanish territory of florida.
Supporters and Friends
Became a national hero after the war of 1812
Critics And Enemies
Fought 13 duels to defend his wife.
assassination attempt 1835.
Fun Facts
is on a $1 coin minted in 2005,and the $20 bill

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