Andrew Johnson photo portrait head and shoulders, c1870-1880.jpg
Andrew Johnson photo portrait head and shoulders, c1870-1880.jpg

DATE OF BIRTH: 12/29/1808
DATE OF DEATH: 7/31/1875
HOMETOWN: Raleigh, North Carolina
EDUCATION: Apprenticed as a tailor
: Eliza McCardle (wife), Martha Patterson (daughter)


YEARS IN OFFICE: 1865-1869
POLITICAL PRTY: Jacksonian Democrat
ELECTED FROM: Was not elected
: None


There were many things happening in America during Johnson's presidency. Abraham Lincoln had just been assassinated and the Civil War was at its end. Reconstruction was a huge thing that was on his to do list. He felt that he had to get the Confederate States back into the Union. Another issue was slavery. There was a lot of rebellion and support for the abolishment of slavery. It eventually was abolished but not without severe consequences. Many groups started to form that didn"t like the fact that African Americans were free. One of these groups was the KKK. Other groups also started to form that caused terror on the African Americans. Some of the laws passed during Johnson's presidency were The black codes and the Civil Rights Act. The black codes were formed by the Radicals and put restirctions on what African Americans could do. The Civil Rights Act of 1866 gave the freed Blacks more freedoms.


During Andrew Johnsons Presidency America was able to force the French out of Mexico. We also purchased Alaska from Russia with what is known as Seward's Folly. He got the purchase for Alaska for 7.2 million dollars. He latter tried to purchase the Damish West Indies but Senate wouldn't allow Seward to do it. The purchase of Alaska was one of the most important foreign policies formed. Sometime after Johnson's death oil and gold was discovered.


Johnson's friends and supports included the Democratic party and the Northerners.
Johnson's Enemies and critics included the Radical Republicans, the Southerners and the Discrimination groups such as the KKK. The South didn't like Johnson because he was born in Tennesse and supported the Northerners.


This President is not on any peice of money. Before he became a politician Johnson used to participate in debates at an academy located by his house. He never finished his schooling and grew up in poverty. He ran away from his home town and went to Greenville Tennesse and opened up his own Tailor shop. He was the first president to ever be impeached and he was impeached two times. Both attempts failed but the second attempt only failed by one vote. After his presidency was over he was elected into the Senate. He is the only president that was elected into the Senate after serving as a president.