Background Information

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Date of Birth: July, 1591
Date of death: September, 1643
Hometown: Anne Marbury in Alford, Lincolnshire, England
Education: Anne was educated at home and read from her father's library.
Family: She married to William Hutchinson, and had kids
Childhood Life: Anne had a strong interest in religion and theology due to her father's strong beliefs and academic competence. She wasn't afraid of questioning the authority of the church.

How did she influence American history

Anne Hutchinson criticized the Puritans' moral beliefs and legal codes. She was concerned about women rights and racial prejudice. She had her own interpretation of the Bible to those social concerns.


Anne had strong religious views. She believed that God revealed himself to individuals without the aid of clergy. She did accomplish something important because her religious views were not only a threat to the Puritan clergy, but also to the civil authorities of Massachusetts Bay. She established Portsmouth, Rhode island with other dissenters. Anne discussing group allowed people to question their religious beliefs.

Supporters and friends

Sir Henry Vane, the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Anne's religious home study group had 80 members.

Critics and enemies

John Cotton, John Winthrop and other former friends are enemies against Anne. Anne was brought to trial before the General Court and banished from the Colony.

"Fun Facts"

She and her family used to follow John Cotton, but later on she had her own religious beliefs, John Cotton opposed her ideas.
Her specific "heresy" was that Anne felt it was a blessing, and not a curse to be a woman.