Date of birth: Boston January 17, 1706
Date of death: 1790
Education: He went to school for one year and read books to educate himself.
Family: 17 siblings Father - Josiah Franklin Mother - Abiah Folger
Benjamin had a child named William in 1728, and the mother is not known.
Benjamin got married in 1730 to Deborah Read, his childhood sweetheart
Life has a child: He loved to read. He started working at his brother James' newspaper when he was twelve, selling pamphlets. Benjamin secretly wrote letters under the pseudonym "Silence Dogood." After sixteen letters, he confessed that he was the author. James was thrown in jail for his views on the clergy and Benjamin ran the newspaper for several issues. Benjamin's brother gave him beatings from time to time and he ran away in 1723. Running away in early America was illegal and people that ran away did not fit in anywhere. Benjamin took a boat to New York hoping to find a printing job. He did not find a job. He went to Philadelphia by river boat. When he got there, he spent the last of his money on food. Benjamin found a job as an apprentice printer. The Governor of Pennsylvania promised him with a business if he went to get the equipment in London, but they never gave him the job. Benjamin stayed in Europe for five years. When he got back to America, he tried to run a printing press and it did not work out, so he went back to being a printer's helper. He borrowed some money to start his own printing business. Philadelphia began to notice the young businessman and the government gave him contracts for jobs.

How he influenced America:
  • Helped America break free from England
  • Invented many things for people
  • Made Philadelphia a better place to live during the Colonial days and many thing he did are still around today

  • Bought the newspaper the Pennsylvania Gazette in 1729. It became the most successful in the colonies and created the first political cartoon.
  • Organized the Junto, a young workingman's group
  • In 1733, he published Poor Richard's Almanac
  • launched a program to help pave, clean, and light Philadelphia's streets
  • 1751 formed the hospital
  • American Philosophical Society first learned society in America
  • he helped start the first fire fighting company in 1736
  • helped start Insurance Against Loss by Fire for people who suffered from fire damages
  • Inventions: bifocals, swim fins, electricity
  • 1754 - started to work towards breaking free from England
  • helped draft the Declaration of Independence in 1776

Supporters and friends:
The French loved him
20,000 people went to funeral
Drafted the Declaration of Independence with Thomas Jefferson and John Adams

Critics and enemies: Franklin's own son William was loyal to Great Britain

Fun Facts: mastered lighting
called "the harmonious human multitude"