America's First Presidentgeorge_washington.jpg

Background Information:
Date of Birth: February 22, 1732 Date of death: December 14, 1799
Hometown: Westmoreland Courty, colony of Virginia
Education: No college education
Family: Wife - Martha Dandridge Custis

Political Information:

Years in Office: 7 years
Political Party: None
Elected from: Virginia
Vice President: John Adams

Key domestic issues -

  • Commanded the Continental army during the American Revolution.
  • President of the Constitutional Convention.
  • Set precedents that were followed by other Presidents, such as forming a cabinet.
  • Strengthened new government through support of Hamilton's Financial policies and use of force against the Whiskey Rebellion.
  • Kept peace through Proclamation of Neutrality and Jay Treaty.
  • Set basis of U.S. foreign policy in his Farewell Address.
Key foreign issues -
  • He wanted to stay neutral with everyone.
  • Jays treaty
  • American revolution
  • French war against Britain.

Supporters and friends-

  • His army
  • Family, friends
  • John adams, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton.

Critics and enemies-
  • British

"Fun Facts"
  • George Washington can be found on the Dollar and the Quarter.
  • No one knows if he actually chopped down a cherry tree.
  • His "wooden teeth" really were made of hippopotamus and elephant ivory.

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