Backround Information

Date of Birth: June 14th, 1811
Date of Death: July 1st, 1896
Hometown: Litchfield, Connecticut
Education: Harriet was enrolled in the seminary and received a general "male" education
Family: Harriet was the daughter of an outspoken religious believer, who had influenced her tons. She also was a sister of three, Catharine, Henry Ward and Charles. In 1836 Harriet married a professor at the seminary and an ardent critic of slavery, Calvin Ellis Stowe.
Life as a child: Harriet attended the seminary which was run by her sister, Catharine.

How did this person influence American history?

Harriet influenced American history socially. She wrote a novel called Uncle Tom's Cabin that stated all her objections of the Fugitive Slave Act. This novel inspired the North and made the South furious which started a great war.


Harriet had strong beliefs against slavery. Harriet and her husband supported the Underground Railroad and have house fugitive slaves in their home. In 1850, when Congress passed the Fugitive Slave Law prohibiting assistance to any fugitives. Harriet was furious and decided to take her opinion and turn it into a novel called Uncle Tom's Cabin. This novel was a cause of a great war.

Supporters and friends

  • Abolitionists

Critics and Enemies

  • Pro-Slavery