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Date of birth: April 12, 1777
Date of Death: June 29, 1852
Hometown: Hanover County, Virginia
Education: Recieved a formal legal education at the College of William and Mary

Family: Henry Clay was the seventh of nine children. Father was a Baptist Minister. Mother Elizabeth Clay married Capt. Henry Watkins after hi father died in 1781
  • lived on a rich farm
  • father left him his own slaves when he passed

How did this person influence American history? & Accomplishments:

  • Had ideas about the government and economy
  • Made compromises to resolve the growing differences between North and South
American System(Tariff of 1816)- allowed American manufacturers to compete with British manufacturers
  • Missouri Compromise- settled disputed about the extension of slavery in the Missouri territories
  • Was elected the Speaker of House in 1810
  • He played a major role in the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions
  • Compromise of 1833- also known as Tariff of 1833, proposed by Henry Clay and John Calhoun to resolve the Nulification Crisis. It was created to cut import taxes so the south didn't secede from the union.
  • Compromise of 1850- consisted of several bills. It tried stopped the seccession of southern states for four year and stopped sectionalism until the Kansas-Nebraska Act.

Supporters & Friends:

  • Henry Clay made supporters in Latin America when he supported their new government
  • John Quincy Adams became a supporter of his

Critics & Enemies

  • Humphrey Marshall
  • Andrew Jackson, they despised each other when he announced Jackson's invasion of Florida

"Fun Facts":

  • Dueled Humphrey Marshall over the Aaron Burr trial
  • Ran for president four times and lost every time
  • Known as the "Great Compromiser"

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