James Madison

Background Information
Date of Birth:March 16, 1751
Date of Death: June 28, 1836
Hometown: Port Conway, Virginia
Education: Princeton
Family: He had a mother, father, three brothers, three sisters, wife (Dolly Madison), and one child.

Political Information
Years in Office: 1809-1815
Political Party: Democratic Republican
Elected from the state of Virginia
Vice President: George Clinton, Elbridge Gerry'

Before his presidency:
  • Wrote most of the constitution; he was often called the Father of the Constitution.
  • One author of the Virginia Plan; his journals provide a record of events at the Constitutional Convention.
  • Wrote 29 of the Federalist Papers
  • Proposed the Bill of Rights to Congress
  • He lost popularity over lack of leadership in War of 1812.

During his presidency:
  • During the first year of Madison's administration the United States prohibited trade with France and Britain. The British seized American ships and took our American soldiers (kidnaped). Madison gave in and declared war. The United states was too young of country to go to war, and the British set fire in Washington on the White House and the Capitol. The United States was successful due to many naval and military victories. As a result to the war, nationalism increased dramatically in the United States.
  • The War of 1812 was going on.
  • By 1815 he supported the creation of the Second National Bank, a strong Military, and a high tariff to protect the new factories opened during the war.----
Key Domestic issues:
  • In 1776, Madison won the approval for the "free exercise of religion." Madison wanted this approval because he met some Baptists that were imprisoned for their religious beliefs and he wanted to help them.
  • As Jefferson's secretary of state, Madison supervised the Louisiana Purchase, this doubled the size of the nation.
Key Foreign Issues:
  • As president Madison lead the nation into 1812 against Great Britain.----
Supporters and Friends:
  • One of Madison's supporters was George Washington. Madison worked with Washington to organize the new federal government.
  • Another supporter was Thomas Jefferson. Madison worked with Jefferson to organize the Republican party.
  • Madison opposed Hamilton because he discovered that Alexander Hamilton was creating a real modern European type of government, a standing army, and a powerful independent executive.
Fun facts:
  • Madison was a shy person and often spoke so softly he was not always heard.
  • Madison served as his good friend Thomas Jefferson's Secretary of State for eight years.
  • Fourth president of the United States.

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