Background Information:
Date of birth: April 28th 1758
Date of death: July 4th 1831
Hometown: Virginia
Education: College of William and Mary ( graduated in 1776)
Family: First lady: Elizabeth

Political Information:
Years in office:
Political Party: National Republican
Elected from: Virginia
Vice President: Daniel Tompkins

Key Domestic Issues:
"Era of Good Feelings" -1820 every electoral college vote except one
States that joined union
Missouri Compromise

Ket Foreign Issues:
Monroe Doctrine: European countries should stay out of Western Hemisphere. Expanded foreign policies for many years. Captured Florida from Spain.

Supporters and Friends:
People of Latin America, British, people of the United States, democratic republican

Critics and enemies:
European countries looking to colonize
Critics: Anti-federalists

Fun Facts:
Died on 55th anniversary of the Decleration of Independence


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