Background Information
Date of birth: October 30,1735
Date of death: July 4, 1826
Hometown: Braintree, Massachusetts
Education: Harvard University
Family: Husband of Abigail Smith, father of Abigail, John Quincy, Susanna, Charles, Thomas Boylston, and stillborn Elizabeth

Political Information
President from 1797-1801
Political Party: Federalist
Elected from: Massachusetts
Vice President: Thomas Jefferson

Key domestic issues
The critics of John Adams were unsatisfied with his foreign policy as he aligned himself with Great Britain and their industrial power instead of the country that supported us in the Revolutionary War in France. As these critics were attacking him through the newspapers; he felt as though George Washington wouldn't have been treated like how he was. As a result, Adams and his cabinet came up with the Alien and Sedition Acts to limit these critics. The Alien and Sedition Acts basically took away the first amendment right to free speech as you weren't allowed to talk badly about the government and they also made it difficult for immigrants to become US citizens.

Key foreign issues
XYZ affair- As Adams entered office, he tried to respect the wishes of George Washington and stay out of foreign affairs. France felt betrayed because they helped America achieve Independence and they thought we could help them fight the British. In result France started to seize American ships and merchants trading with Europe. Adams was angered at this action and sent over some diplomats to negotiate the release of these ships and merchants. France then said they would only stop seizing ships if the United States paid them millions of dollars. Adams refused to pay this money and instead he decided to build up his army and navy. Eventually, France backed down and the conflict was no more.

Supporters and Friends
One of President Adam's biggest supporters would have to be his wife as she influenced many of his decisions and what he did in office. When George Washington was alive he would always look towards Adams for guidance. Adams also had a supporter in Alexander Hamilton because Adams would look to him for financial crisis.

Critics and enemies
One of Adams biggest critics was his Vice President, Thomas Jefferson. At one time both Jefferson and Adams were great friends back when the Revolutionary war was still going on but that soon changed as both of these leaders had different plans for the country to take after they defeated a common enemy in Great Britain. Jefferson believed that the states should have the same amount of power as the central government rather than the central government holding most of the power.

Fun Facts

Died on 50th anniversary of Declaration of Independence
Father of the sixth President
Successfully defended British soldiers accused of murder in the Boston Massacre

‚ÄčNegotiated as a diplomat to France
‚ÄčRepresented Massachusetts in the Continental Congress
Helped to draft the Declaration of Independence
President card