Background Information:
Date of birth: 1800 - 1859external image john-brown.jpg
Place of Birth: Torrington, Connecticut
Education: Abolitionist
Family:Daughters annie and sarah and wife Marry Ann Day Brown

external image p06.jpg Childhood: John was born into a family that used slavery and he hatted it. it was horible
for hin growing up watching the slaves beeing abused.

Influence on American history

He influenced american history politicaly by contrubiteing in the canging of government by getting slavery abolished and starting a revolution.

John wanted slavery to be removed from america and because his belifes on this were so strong for the simple fact the slavery was a unjust harsh thing that was being done to inacent aferican americans. After the civil war witch was caused by John Browns raid on harpers ferry the conclusion of the 13th amenment.

external image John_Brown_at_Harper_s_Ferry__public_domain_.jpg

"I John Brown am now quite certint that the crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away but with blood."

"the harder you fight to hold onto a spisific assumption the more likely theres gold in letting go of them