• Background Information:
Date of birth:January 11, 1755 Date of death: July 12, 1804
Hometown: British west Indies
Education: Attended Kings college in New York
Family: Mom, Dad, Brother james, Sister Racheal
What was life like as a child? When Alexander Hamilton was a child his father abandoned him when he was young and his mother died February 19, 1768 from a severe fever.

How did this person influence American history?

  • Hamilton was the first delegate selected for the first constitutional convention.
  • Helped for the first National bank and formed the revenue cutting systems.
  • The National bank gave investors confidence in investing in government bonds.


  • Hamilton was the secretary of the treasury and he also sent in a report on manufacturers to congress which produced the nation with food and raw materials.
  • When the war for independence had began, Hamilton joined the patriots as captain of a New York artillery company.
  • Hamilton helped win support for the new constitution by writing 51 federalist essays.

supporters and friends

  • Washington was one of Hamilton's supporters because Hamilton served under Washington and he thought that Hamilton was a good soldier.

Critics and enemies

  • Thomas Jefferson was Alexander Hamilton's biggest critic that is the reason why they both different political parties.

Fun facts
  • Hamilton's first political writing was " A Full Vendiction of the Measures of Congress and the Farmer Refuted"
  • Hamilton's first military services was for a New York volunteer militia.
  • On july 31, 1781 Hamilton was given command of New York
  • Alexander Hamilton never ran for president because he was born in the west Indies.
  • Alexander Hamilton died in a gun duel with Aaron Burr July 11, 1804.

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