Important People in United States History

This website is devoted to the influential individuals who have shaped the course of American history. Each page is designed and written by a student in our United States History and Government class.
As you explore this wikispace, you will not only find fascinating facts about American Presidents and important people, but also, you will learn how ideas, conflicts, laws, values, and the individual determination to succeed formed much of the American nation we know today!

How will this website help you prepare for the New York States Regents Exam?
  • All of the pages on this wikispace highlight an individual included in the NYS Regents curriculum. Read through all of the pages to get an idea of why each person is important to American history.
  • As you read each page, pay close attention to events such as wars, legislation, and reform movements. Then, ask yourself the following questions:
    • How was the individual involved in these events?
    • What did he/she think about these events?
    • Did the individual do anything to support or protest an event or situation?
    • If the individual set out to accomplish a specific goal, was he/she successful? Why or why not?

    Choose 5 Presidents and 5 other historical figures. Learn all about these 10 people and the time period in which they lived. If you are able to write a paragraph (8-10 sentences) about each of these 10 people and explain how they contributed to American history, you will be well-prepared for a Regents essay!

*This wikispace is currently a work in progress! Students will be completing revised versions of the current pages within the next month. Presidents and important people from the late 19th and 20th centuries will be added as the year progresses.