James K. Polk

Background Information
Date of birth: November 2, 1795
Date of death: June 15 1849
Vice President : George M. Dallas
Political Party: Democratic
Birth place : Mecklenburg county, North Carolina
Husband of: Sarah Childess
He was a lawyer then entered politics
Elected from Tennessee graduating with honors
Key domestic issues

  • He favored expansion and achieved the second largest expansion.
  • He established a treasury system.
Key foreign issues:After his election he made a deal with Britain in 1846 to proclaim the area of Oregon from the California boundary which is the southern boundary of Russian Alaska.Some extremist said "fifty four forty or fight" which meant that they have to get above this line of latitude. However Britain did not win the war. The treaty was signed in 1846 to get oregon territory. The Mexican war was won by the United States and where forced to give up there land but the U.S were responsible for the damages.
He went to war with Mexico called the Mexican War.
Causes of the war: The Texas crisis,westward American movement, manifest destiny
Affects of the war: Large territory gain, conflict of slavery (the boarder between north and south)

Supporters: Andrew jackson

Resources: www. whitehouse.gov